Automatic Traffic Counts (ATC) - Classified vehicles & Speed Surveys

Automatic traffic counters are used to collect vehicle traffic data on roads. They collects data from one or two road tubes (rubber hose) stretched across the road. It can be used to collect data for traffic volume, vehicle classifications, and/or vehicle speeds.

Our choice of equipment is deploying a MetroCount® MC5600 or RoadPod VT 5900 it uses the newest and cutting edge technologies to bring you most advanced tube counter on the market. MetroCount® tube counter has become a reference point as the worldwide traffic industry standard tube counter.

MetroCount® counters timestamps all hose hits. It can be used for volume studies or for classification/speed studies. The software supplied with the counters allows for complete customization of the schemes or creation of new schemes. These counters are an excellent data collection tool, making a low cost traffic surveys and can be installed at very short notice.

"Is  your Service Provider Using MetroCount?

If not, they should be. But why? With all the traffic survey contractors to choose from, each using some type of survey system or another, why should you demand that they use MetroCount for your surveys? Well, apart from our determination to develop the world's best traffic survey system and software, it comes down to our basic method of data collection.

MetroCount Roadside Unit retains every axle, with better than millisecond resolution. These "time-stamped" axle events are the raw data available in every MetroCount dataset. And, this approach gives you, the purchaser of traffic data, many benefits unmatched by traditional "binning" counting systems."

Transport Data Collection UK Ltd only use and recommends the use of the MetroCount® MC5600 or RoadPod VT 5900 tube counters on its all of its temporary Automatic traffic count survey sites.

Our standard ATC Vehicle classification are categorised as follows

Our results are normally presented within excel, the reports which can consist of up-to 9 of the following sections

Speed are recorded to the mph and all average and 85th percentile data is calculated from the individual mph reading, data is usually collected 24hrs over 7 days - presented at hourly interval

Single carriageway sites require 1 ATC and dual carriageway sites require 2 ATC's

Steps are taken to obtain good data, these include