Video survey camera systems

State-of-the-art in house assembled camera systems; the camera, battery & recording drive is housed completely within one single lightweight unit. This provide and allows for a low key, inconspicuous survey to take place. Camera's can be attached to high level masks, any roadside furniture even trees at rural locations.

Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR)

Our units are fully functional infrared-based cameras. During the day the camera's run in colour at evening the infrared lamp reflects registration plate image back the camera. The images are constantly being recorded and then later run through our office based ANPR software. This system has a big positive over full on-site ANPR systems; if the on-site ANPR software fails it will result in complete data loss however we always have a back up of the recorded image's that can be extracted manually, hence preventing any data loss

Our automatic traffic counter (ATC)

Our ATC give the direction, speed and classifies vehicles in 13 classifications and all time periods are client defined.

Speed reporting, using our ATC's raw data we have developed a unique reporting scheme, unlike the factory set-up of binning vehicle speeds into set intervals eg 10-20mph we are alble to report the speed of every vehicle to the mph, this gives a true average speed and 85th percentile

Journey time data logger's

Our journey time data logger's consist of a GPS solution that can be set to record every second of a journey or alternately manually logged at the push of a button. This data is fully exportable to programs as Excel, Access and Google Earth

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